(A) Anti-Larval Measure

This is one of the most important treatment for mosquito control, we will treat all stagnant water location of surrounding area of the premises where mosquito larvae breads, by spraying chemical emulsion or spreading granules / MLO, this treatment will prevent larvae to became adult mosquito.

Mosquito Control
(B) Indoor Residual Spray Measures

The second important stage of mosquito control is Indoor Residual Spray Treatment on walls, we will cover all inside walls of the premise where adult mosquitoes generally aggregate during the day time for resting so as soon as mosquitoes sits on it will die immediately.

(C) Thermal / Cold Foggin Measures

This treatment is for live infestation of flying mosquitoes, it will be done at the time when adult mosquitoes became active (e.g. in the early morning or in the evening) we will cover outside surrounding open area of the premises. While in sensitive area of the plant where thermal fogging is not possible, In this case we will do cold fogging.