(A) Pre-Constructions Anti-Termite Solutions

In case of new construction, we advise you to start treatment from footing level or plinth level if it is a bungalow or an apartment, while in flats treatment should be started before fixing of tiles / marble. We will give 05 to 10 years WARRANTY for this treatment.

Termite Control
(B) Post-Construction Anti Termite Treatment

The Principle of this treatment is to create a chemical barrier below and around the building so as to deny entry to termites into the building. The stages of the treatment are mentioned below.

Stage - 1:- Treatment To Junction of Wall & Floor

Holes of 12mm dia 30 cms apart will be drilled along the inner junction of wall and floor in PCC at entire ground level. Chemical emulsion will be injected with pressure into these holes to create a barrier against termites. After fixing of flooring both at ground and above floors, we will pour chemical emulsion in skirting before filling up the gap.

Stage - 2:- Treatment To Wall

All internal walls will be sprayed upto the height of 3 to 4 ft. from floor level so that by chance termite enter from floor through some untreated portion left due to any reason this treatment will prevent termite to move ahead.

Stage - 3:- Treatment To Wooden Fixtures (If Any)

All wooden fixtures like Door Frames, Window Frames, switch boards will be sprayed with oil based chemical before colour / polish so that it can penetrate in to the wood.

Stage - 4:- Treatment Along The External Perimeter Of The Building

Trenching or drilling holes along the external walls of the building ( similar to stage-1 specifications ) will be carried out to create a chemical barrier around the building so that termite can not enter the premises from outside area. All the drilled holes will be sealed and made good using cement / putty ( lambi ), the chemical which we will use will be the recommended chemical for termite control in buildings by IS Code 6313 ( Part iii ) 1981.

(C) Installation Of Porous Pipe For Termite

This is the most advance and latest technique for TERMITE PREVENTION, We will install POROUS PIPE before fixing of Tiles / Marble so that in future if you desire to carry out TERMITE CONTROL TREATMENT you can do it through these pipe from out side of the premises without drilling holes in flooring. You need not to vacant or close the premises. This POROUS PIPE has a self life of more than 25 years.